Frank Martela

Frank is a popular speaker who has spoken in over 100 different organizations ranging from multi-national corporations to ministries. He has also adviced several executive teams on how to build organizations that support the intrinsic motivation and meaningfulness of the employees. His key topics of expertise include meaningfulness in life and work, intrinsic motivation, self-management, and well-being of nations.

As an academic speaker, Frank has given invited speeches in universities around the world, including Stanford University, Harvard University, Australian Catholic University in Sydney, Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, and National Institute of Education in Singapore. He has spoken in over 30 academic conferences held in places like Washington D.C., Boston, Montreal, Long Beach, Copenhagen, Athens, and Lisbon. Furthermore, he has lectured several university courses on well-being, meaingfulness and good life in both Aalto University and University of Helsinki.

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Frank explaining how to find intrinsic motivation at work for the employees of Wunderdog at Budapest, Hungary in autumn 2016.