Meaning in life in 2 minutes

What is the meaning of life? What makes life meaningful?

Difficult questions for sure. But luckily – after ten years of research – I’ve distilled the answer down to one sentence. In the first video of my new series ‘Meaning of Life in 2 Minutes’, I will share the answer with you:

This series of two-minutes videos gives answers to some of the key questions as regards human meaning. The series is based on my book A Wonderful Life – Insights on Finding a Meaningful Existence.

In the second video we’ll dive into the history behind the question of meaning. More particularly, I’ll reveal who actually invented the English phrase ‘meaning of life’ in 1834:

Want more meaningfulness in your life? How about investing in your relationships? In the third video I’ll tell about research that demonstrates what we have known all along: For us humans, family and other close social relationships are a crucial source of meaning in life:

Are you aware of what helping others can do to your health? Turns out it can have several positive benefits, including helping you live longer:

In the fifth video, I tell about one of my favorite scientific experiments about meaning in life – and why a key part of meaningfulness is about living autonomously and authentically:

P.S. Is two minutes on the topic of meaning in life not enough for you? Want to learn more? Consider getting my book, where these questions are explored in more depth.