The 12 tools

The book offers 12 tools that will make sure that your are able to get the most out of your willpower. No matter what your challenge is, use these tools to do the right thing:

Strengthening the muscle of willpower

  • Tool 1: Mind your blood sugar: Eat well and sleep enough
  • Tool 2: Invest in effective resting
  • Tool 3: Train your mind with the Zorro Circle

Choosing the right attitudes

  • Tool 4: Commit yourself fully to your target
  • Tool 5: Forgive yourself in order to learn from your mistakes
  • Tool 6: Don’t fight-or-flee, instead pause-and-plan

Building the right habits

  • Tool 7: Use mental judo to think anew your challenge
  • Tool 8: You get what you measure
  • Tool 9: Small steps, big rewards

Designing a supportive environment

  • Tool 10: Where is your environment nudging you?
  • Tool 11: The 20-Second Rule
  • Tool 12: You get who you hang with